The Destroyers

Members of The Destroyers.

The Destroyers were once in control of Coney Island, but lost control and possibly disbanded or disappeared(though they are less likely to be disbanded) on-screen after their Warlord, Virgil, a cocaine-addicted alcoholic, attempted to get Cleon, his Warchief, killed in a set-up drug deal with the Satan's Mothers. After surviving the assault, Cleon then rebelled and established his own gang, The Warriors, made up of several former Destroyers, including Cleon, Vermin, Swan, and Cowboy. Virgil was eventually violently deposed and his gang destroyed in retaliation for the murder of Ash, one of The Warrior's New Bloods. Their members wore sleevless denem jackets with the Destroyers logo embroided on the back. Their hangout was a large warehouse in Eastern Coney Island, with a mural of Virgil painted on the side.


Destroyers logo

The Destroyers logo.

  • Warlord: Virgil (Former)
  • Turf: East Coney
  • Lieutenants: Beansy, LC, Lemmy (Former)
  • Attire: Blue Denem Vests With Destroyers Logo Embroided On The Back


In the game they appear in

  • 2. Real Live Bunch
  • 3. Payback
  • 9. Payin' The Cost
  • 10. Destroyed (End of The Destroyers)
  • A. Roots
  • B. The Best
  • C. Heavy Muscle

They never appear in the movie because the movie takes place after the gang disbands.