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Here is the concept art of Swan for the Video-Game

Swan is the Warlord and before that Warchief for The Warriors


Swan is a former Destroyer and the third person to join The Warriors.


Mercy is Swan's girlfriend and a former prostitute. She used to be Sully's girlfriend. 

After The WarriorsEdit

It is rumored that Swan decides to The Warriors to move to the city with Mercy. And he leaves Snow as Warlord.


In the game Swan appears in

  • 2. Real Live Bunch
  • 8. Encore
  • 9. Payin' The Cost
  • 10. Destroyed
  • 14. Desperate Dudes (Mission Leader)
  • 15. No Permits, No Parley (Mission Leader)
  • 16. Home Run (Mission Leader Along With Ajax)
  • 17. Friendly Faces (Mission Leader Along With Rembrandt)
  • 18. Come Out To Play (Mission Leader)
  • B. The Best (Flashback Mission Leader)
  • C. Heavy Muscle

Swan appears throughout the whole movie.