Snow is the Warchief of The Warriors.


Here is the concept art of Snow for the Video-Game.


Snow completed Warriors initiation with Ajax. They had to fight The Warriors in the fight pen and then later they go onto Destroyer turf. They get jumped and get their colors stolen. Later they get them back.

After The MovieEdit

It is rumored that Swan left The Warriors so that he could move to the city with Mercy, and left Snow as the Warlord.


In the video-game Snow appears in

  • 2. Real Live Bunch
  • 4. Blackout
  • 6. Writers Block (Mission Leader Along With Rembrandt.)
  • 7. Adios Amigo
  • 8. Encore
  • 9. Payback
  • 10. Destroyed
  • 13. All-City
  • 14. Desperate Dudes
  • 15. No Permits, No Parley
  • 16. Home Run
  • 17. Friendly Faces
  • 18. Come Out To Play
  • Flashback Mission C: Heavy Muscle
  • Flashback Mission D: Scout's Honor
  • Flashback Mission E: Sharp Dressed Man