Rembrandt is the "Writer" for The Warriors


Here is the concept art of Rembrandt for the game.


Rembrandt is a Pourto Rican Warrior, And their "Writer" (graffiti artist). 


In the game Rembrandt appears in

  • 1. New Blood (Mission Leader)
  • 2. Real Live Bunch
  • 3. Payback (Mission Leader)
  • 6. Writer's Block (Mission Leader Along With Snow)
  • 7. Adios Amigo
  • 8. Encore
  • 10. Destroyed (Cutscene Only)
  • 11. Boys In Blue (Cutscene Only)
  • 13. All-City (Mission Leader)
  • 14. Desperate Dudes
  • 15. No Permits, No Parley
  • 16. Home Run (Cutscene Only)
  • 17. Friendly Faces (Mission Leader Along With Swan)
  • 18. Come Out To Play 

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