• All-City: When a gang's has spread across all of New York City.
  • Army: To walk through another gang's territory without fear. As in, "You come armying down here, invading our territory...
  • Bangin' / Bop / Brawl: To fight; usually refers to one-on-one fighting. A gang fight is a rumble.
  • ''Burner / Peice / Tag:'' Gang logo, spray-painted. Signifies control of turf.
  • Colors: Colors associated a gang and attire worn by a gang---e.g., the Warriors vest and red logo.
  • Crew / Outfit / Set: A gang. A particularly tough gang is a "heavy set". A heavy set most likely has a "heavy rep".
  • Dig: To understand, to "get it".
  • Flex: Good fight moves. As in, "The Boy can flex.
  • Fuzz / Heat / Pigs: The police.
  • Get us up / Lay a mark / Piecin' / Tagging: To spray-paint the gang "burner" (it's graffiti logo) on walls. Good for building gang "rep".
  • Made: Spotted by enemies.
  • Packed / Packin': Carrying weapons. As in, "The chicks are packed!"
  • Rep: Reputation
  • Rumble: Gang fight, multiple participants.
  • Skills: Fighting ability.
  • Soldier: A rank-and-file gang member. Also a verb that means to fight, as in, "We gonna soldier our way through their turf."
  • Solid: Cool.
  • Territory / Turf: An area, usually a region of a city, claimed and defended by a gang.
  • Toys: Insulting term for a gang; suggests a lame, weak, wannabe crew.
  • Wreck: To beat up. To get "get wrecked" is to get beat up.
  • Writer: A graffiti artist.

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