Cleon 1280x1024

Here is the concept art of Cleon for the Video-Game.

Cleon is the former Warlord of The Warriors


Cleon used to be the co-warlord of The Destroyers along with Virgil. Then he leaves The Destroyers with Vermin and they create The Warriors. Later they recruit the other members.


In the Game he appears in

  • 1. New Blood
  • 2. Real Live Bunch (Mission Leader)
  • 5. Real Heavy Rep (Mission Leader)
  • 8. Encore (Mission Leader)
  • 9. Payin' The Cost (Mission Leader)
  • 10. Destroyed (Mission Leader)
  • 13. All-City
  • 14. Desperate Dudes (Gets killed by The Riffs in this mission.)
  • A. Roots (Flashback Mission Leader)

In the Movie he appears in the beginning scenes only.