Here's Ash fighting an Orphan.

was a New Blood in The Warriors


A young member of the Warriors. He is killed by The Destroyers, for bait to kill Cleon and Swan, which they fail to do.


Ash officially finished his initiation with Rembrandt. During his initiation he had to fight vagrants and after that he had to fight West, Ace, and Terrance. After that he had to learn how to steal car radios, mug, do smash-and-grabs, hop fences, buy flash, etc.

Death Edit

Ash was beaten to death by The Destroyers, and his vest removed. His body is then used as bait to kill Cleon and Swan, which they fail to do. That same night The Warriors invade the Destroyers turf to wipe them out for good, thus avenging Ash. 


In the game Ash appears in

  • 1. New Blood (Two-Player Only)
  • 4. Blackout
  • 5. Real Heavy Rep
  • 9. Payin' The Cost (Murdered)

Ash never appears in the movie; he dies before the movie takes place.

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