Ajax Warriors

Here is the concept art of Ajax for the Video-Game.

Ajax was "The Muscle" for The Warriors


Ajax passed Warriors initiation with Snow

The MovieEdit

In the movie Ajax is portrayed by James Remar, who also voices him in the game. He appears up to the Baseball Furies scene, where he is arrested for attempted rape.


Ajax is arrested for attempted rape in Home Run. He tries to rape a undercover police woman. She handcuffs him to the park bench and calls for backup. Other cops pull up and one policeman clubs Ajax, and cuts his lip. 


Ajax appears in many comic books. He has his own series called "Jailbreak" about The Warriors breaking him out of jail. He also appears in some of the movie adaptation comics.


In the video-game he appears in

  • 2. Real Live Bunch
  • 3. Payback
  • 6. Writer's Block
  • 7. Adios Amigo (Mission Leader)
  • 8. Encore
  • 11. Boys In Blue
  • 14. Desperate Dudes
  • 15. No Permits, No Parley
  • 16. Home Run (Mission Leader along with Swan.) (Gets arrested for rape in this Mission.)
  • C. Heavy Muscle (Flashback Mission Leader.)

In the movie he appears up to the Baseball Furies scene.